How it Came to Live

Kings Iyoke is a former helium and hubpages writer who loves to write about PC sports games. He’s the founder of FMtrendGames. He started as a freelance writer on helium website in 2012 before it went down few years later. However, as a passionate writer, he relocated to

On hubpages, he started developing the interest of writing about PC games, mainly under sports genre. As playing sports games like Football Manager, FIFA, PES etc were his hobby, he developed that interest in writing about them. Being on hubpages platform for 3 years was a true blessing because it exposed him to a lot of good things.

Of all the PC sport games Kings has encountered, he finds Football Manager as a very challenging one. Because of that, he writes more about the game. However, seeing how readers love and demand more tactic creations, tips, and guides from him on hubpages, he decided to create a Facebook page for football manager fans. And that’s when the idea of FMtrendGames came up.

Still having the passion of sharing his experiences about the game and other PC sports games, kings took a step by having he’s own website, where he can share a lot more.

Creation and Purpose was created in March, 2018. Its aims and views are to provide insights to a lot of PC sports games. And also to build a good community of passionate gamers, where anyone around the world can share their views to the world. First timers can also benefit from such community.

Moreover, showcases a lot about players, tactics, teams, and coaching staff found in the football manager database. It also displays reviews, guides, and gameplays of other PC and mobile games.

This site hopes to aid Football Manager fans and other PC game players in different aspects.