Bruno Genesio 4-4-2 Rennes tactic

Bruno Genesio 4-4-2 Rennes Tactic | Stade Rennais FC in FM22

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After the resignation of Julien Stephan as Rennes’ head coach, Bruno Genesio was appointed as the new head coach of the club, signing a deal until June 2023. He adopted a 4-4-2 style as his main tactical style. Rennes are skying high in the French league this season, as they look to finish in the top 4 spots in the table. In this article, I will detail the Bruno Genesio 4-4-2 Rennes tactic replica in FM22. So let’s dive into the details.

Tactical Set-Ups

Bruno Genesio 4-4-2 Rennes Tactic: Build Up

Rennes build-up plays from behind which is very common in Europe’s top leagues. When the pressure is much on the team, the goalkeeper decides to take direct kicks. The team tends to use shorter passes or direct passes which makes the passing directness standard. The red and black play through the middle of the pitch mostly, plus they use overlaps at both sides of the pitch.


Rennais use a wide attacking width during attacks. They combine possession with counters in that when they win the ball in their own half, they transit to counters. But when they win the ball in the opponent’s half, they use quick passes at the highest tempo to attack. In the final third, Genesio’s men mostly work their way into the box.


The red and black tends to press opponents at a ‘more often’ pressing intensity, with a higher line of engagement and a higher defensive line. They counter-press to win back possession when they lose it. Finally, Rennes use a narrow defensive width to keep opponents outside than inside.

Formation Set-Up

FM22 Rennes: Role Selections


Alfred Gomis: Gomis is a sweeper keeper on defend duty.


Nayet Aguerd and Warmed Omari: Aguerd and Omari are ball-playing defenders on defending duties. The two are good with the ball as they can initiate counter-attacks through defence-splitting passes.


Meling and Hamari Traore: They are both wing-backs on support duties. They attack wide, looking to run at their markers and hit crosses into the box.


Jonas Martin: Martin is a deep-lying playmaker on defend duty. He holds onto the ball and makes good passes to support the midfield and the forwards. Martin holds his position and aids in protecting the defensive line.

Baptiste Santamaria: Santamaria is a box-to-box midfielder. He gets further to support the forward and equally tracks back to protect the defensive line.


Martin Terrier: Terrier is an inverted winger on support duty. He cuts inside from the flank, creating space for the fullback to exploit.

Benjamin Bourigeaud: Bouriguead is an advanced playmaker on support duty. He looks to tuck inside and play killer balls to attackers.


Lovro Majer: Majer is a deep-lying forward on support duty. He links the attack to the midfield. He drops to the midfield and holds up the ball before supplying linking passes to teammates. Majer is naturally a midfielder, this is one of the reasons why he carries out this role effectively.

Gaetan Laborde: Laborde is a pressing forward on attack duty. He presses to prevent the opposing players to have too much time on the ball. He equally looks for space to exploits.

Laborde is also the top scorer in the league.


At Home, the positive mentality is best effective while at Away, the balanced mentality works better.

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