Diego Simeone 4 4 2 tactic

Diego Simeone 4-4-2 Tactic at Atletico Madrid – FM 20 Tactic

Year after year, we have been recreating Diego Simeone 4-4-2 tactic at Atletico Madrid. The manager has been consistent. However, this year in FM20, we have successfully recreated a tactic that appreciates Simeone’s low block defence. Last year in FM19, the low block strategy was not effective in the match engine so we had to tweak a few things to make the tactic threatening. You can read about our FM19 version here.

Moreover, over the years, Diego Simeone has valued the direct counter-attacking style of football. The defensive solidity his team displayed made his tactic unique.

But those days are gone. Currently, Atletico play more like a fluid counter-attacking style with the new young squad they acquired. As of the time of writing this article, Atletico has played 19 games conceding 12 goals with 9 clean sheets, making them one the best defensive team after Real Madrid so far this season. It still shows their defensive strength is there.

Now in FM20, we are getting similar results, irrespective of our low block defensive strategy – thanks to FM20 AI (especially version 20.2.3). As you can see, we played 18 games, conceding 8 goals.

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Just a reminder: if you are new to football manager and happen to be playing FM20, or you are struggling to cope with the features of the game, please check out this our FM beginners guide series. This will help you learn a lot about Football Manager, especially FM20.

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        1. It’s ok, i understand your English. For your question, Yes i usually use positive or balanced mentality at home. But sometimes i use balanced, cautious, or defensive mentality on Away. I even use positive mentality on Away few times. And sometimes i change mentalities during a match, especially if we are losing. The most important thing is to know the status of your opponent and decide what mentality to use.

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