jose mourinho tactic 2004 chelsea

José Mourinho Lethal 4-3-3 Tactic in 2004-2006 at Chelsea – FM20

We continue our series on replicating old tactics used by some of the best managers back then. Last time, we shared Carlo Ancelotti 2006 Christmas tree tactic at AC Milan. However, this time introduces José Mourinho lethal 4-3-3 tactic back in 2004-2006 at Chelsea.

We are still using the 2006 database created by @MadScientistFM – at least we got the majority of the players Mourinho used in that era with this database. Note: Please make sure you select version 20.1.0 while starting a career with the database.

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  1. I would like to ask if this tactic can be played on balanced and if on the striker role there can be be another role which could be used instead of CF-a

          1. I played this tactic for a full season and i observed that the wingers are sometimes without support especially the one on right,what i can do about it

          2. Ok. You can give them the support duty and then give your fullbacks the attack duty. Your fullbacks will now join immediately to support them in attack.

          3. i wanted to ask if the defensive midfielder shouldn’t be a anchor ad the wingers to be inverted ? also the pairing should be cover x stopper ?

          4. That’s not how Mourinho set up his Chelsea team back then in terms of roles. But you can try these roles you are mentioning now and see how they will work. It’s a possibility they will work better.

  2. podrias actualizar la tactica del ajax 2019 para fm20?? digo por los roles si habria que cambiarle a uno de los nuevos roles que hay solo eso saludos al staff

  3. Hello, can you do a Allegri’s tactic or update the tactic of fm 19 please ? I love his style and I know you are the best for create tactics ! Thank you !

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