Best FM20 Attack Corner Routines

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I have tried a lot of routines in order to take an excellent advantage of corner set pieces but none gave me that epic result I crave for. Well, as I see it, getting many goals via corners in FM20 is tough. It’s no more as easy as it was in prior football manager versions. However, I only managed to find just two routines that posed as the best. So in this post, I will share my best FM20 attack corner routines.

Here are our best FM20 defend corner routines

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  1. What has overall goals got to do with how good the tactic is? Show the stat goals from corners so we can see how many were scored from corners as all the goals in the goals scored column could have been from open play?

  2. Hello, can you upload the Routines pls? I copy your’s routines, but dont got any goal from coners.

    btw, cant register in site to login :s never got the email to confirm account.


      1. Thanks 🙂 lets score from conners now 🙂

        I m using this coners on your last tatic, Diego Simeone. Great tatic, great ball poss, and counters. I dont like the 2 positions, the WP and RPM, no players for that position 🙁 tryed to change then and no working xD so playing with original

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