FM23 custom gegenpress 3-4-2-1

FM23 Custom Gegenpress 3-4-2-1 | FM23 Asymmetric Tactic | Version 2.0

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Here’s my FM23 custom gegenpress 3-4-2-1 created in the new game. In the previous article, I mentioned that my custom gegenpress tactics are of two versions, which are:

  • Asymmetric 3-4-2-1 version

Since I have discussed the classic version, I will now focus on the asymmetric version in this post. I used Nottingham Forest to test this tactic but you can try it with your favourite team or teams like Liverpool, Arsenal, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Athletic Club, Bayern Munich or even Crystal Palace. Those are teams that I think can carry out the tactic in FM23. This version has many different tactical setups from the parent, which I will discuss below so let’s get into it.

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