FM23 Graham Potter Tactic

An Interesting FM23 Graham Potter Tactic | FM23 Chelsea Tactic

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My long-awaited Football Manager 2023 tactic is here. The first tactic I will be looking into is the FM23 Graham Potter tactic I created. After the dismissal of Thomas Tuchel, Graham Potter was appointed to replace him as Chelsea’s head coach. Since his appointment, he continued the Chelsea 3-4-2-1 legacy, this tactic is mostly based on the team’s performances before Reece James got injured. Since James got injured, Potter made some adjustments to his tactics.

Well, so far Potter really turned this team around as they top their group in the UCL and were 9 games unbeaten in all competition before being beaten heavily by Potter’s former side, Brighton in a 4-1 loss. With no further ado, let’s talk about their style in FM23 in detail.

attacking shape

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