Antonio Conte FM20 3-5-2 Tactic with Inter Milan

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Hey guys, I am thrilled to present this as my first Football Manager 2020 tactic. This is Antonio Conte FM20 3-5-2 tactic with Inter Milan. Well, as you may know, fmtrendgames is mainly known for its real-life tactics recreations. That means we usually aim to bring real-life managers’ tactics to Football Manager.

Reflecting on what we experienced last, FM19 was a blast. The tactical overhaul introduced in FM19 enhanced our creation to come very close to matching the tactics of the respective real-life managers.

But we (especially me) were expecting more new features in the tactical section in FM20. Unfortunately, we didn’t see that. Anyway, FM20 has been fantastic overall. I personally think it’s the best game SI has made yet.

Enough said. Let’s dive into the tactic I wish to present in this post.

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  1. Hi can you update the new 3412 that conte is using post quarantine? I’ve particularly noticed them playing a higher defensive line and playing with having extremely high possession stats and shorter passing, although some things like shooting on sight and playing through the middle haven’t changed

  2. Hello, i have some problems, im trying new updated tactic for 20.4

    My wingbacks so much shooting, sometimes more then both strikers, last game biraghi placed 5 shoot when lukaku and Lautaro only 2 placed shoot.

    Also Lukaku too much helping to right wing, so he cant find goal position, and stay outside of the box when wingback crossing. Right now my main goal scorer is Lautaro (11 goal Lautaro-5 goal Lukaku, i did not count penalties)

    1. The so much shooting is happening because the shoot on sight is enabled. Though the match engine has a way of making things weird. There’s nothing you can do about that. Unless, you change it to Work Ball Into Box. The main thing to worry about is are you winning games, because that’s Conte’s main interest – winning games.

  3. Hi mate!
    First of all, thank you for the great job you’ve made since the begining.
    I have 2 questions:
    1st: About the treining, should I leave for my assistant or should I do it? If i should do it, what training you sugest?
    2nd: For when a Klopp Liverpoll tactic? xD

    1. From my experience, leaving the training to your assistant is better than doing it on your own. The FM20 AI makes it possible for your assistant to set the trainings according to your tactical style, which is very important.

      For your second question, we will definitely share Klopp’s current tactic at Liverpool. But honestly, we don’t know the actual time we will share it.

  4. Might be a tough one but would love to see something with Jesse Marsch and Salzburg. Being a Liverpool fan they impressed the hell outta me with how they played against us in the Champions League this season.

  5. Hello, first thx for this tactic
    But im not sure about this replicate, ihave questions. In terms of direct passing, possesion, total made pass numbers etc.

    In Conte real life matchs, total pass number change between 400-450, but with this tactic total pass number change between 300-350 sometimes under 300. Too lower then real life

    In Conte real life, i think he using optional attack choices, for example sometimes ealry crossing, sometimes long shoots, sometimes entering to box with passes.

    Also, wingbacks scoring and shoots too much.

    And, In real life L.Martinez scored more goal then Lukaku, but in my games Lukaku scored much more goal then L.Martinez.

    I played 6 pre-season match and 4 Leauge match with inter. As i said, i faced with this statistics, and i wanted to ask. Maybe need some changes or need time for tactic to get more realistic results.

    1. Hello thanks for the feedback. Well, first of all, there will always be a few differences between real life and football manager. It’s very difficult to get everything right plus i have to do a little adjustments to make it a successful tactic in FM20. But i do try my very best to make the replicate to be very close to matching the real life tactic.

      So about your analysis, well am getting a different result. In mine, Martinez scores more than Lukaku. So if Lukaku is scoring more than Martinez, then it’s a good thing because Lukaku is the highest goal scorer of inter milan in real life.

      For possession and passes, inter milan doesn’t play a possession style of football. They are more direct in their play and going for counter attacks. So passing the ball around and working ball into the box isn’t their priority. They prefer shooting for a distance and crossing, which is exactly how this tactic influences the team in FM20.

      Finally, you are right about Conte having attacking choices which involves crossing. But hitting early crosses isn’t actually part of his attacking strategy, and that’s why i didn’t enable it in this tactic. Conte’s Inter prefer crossing from bylines.

      1. Thx for your feedback to my comment, but i have some problems too, do you think modify this tactic? Because sometimes, winbacks shoots more than all players like 7-8 shoot (absolutly unrealistic), also Barellla so much shooting (Barella 5 shoot when sensi and forwards only1 ). These are my absurd statistics during my game. I cant understand why but these things occur so many time.

        1. Well you are free to modify this tactic in which ever way you find effective. But it might deviate from Conte’s style to your own style.

          For the problems you are having, i encountered the same situation of wingbacks shooting unnecessary instead of crossing. But i think that’s just FM20 match engine effect, which is just its imperfection. However, in real-life Inter usually shoots from a distance.

          So because Shoot on Sight is enabled, the AI will be trying to go according to the instruction. That’s why the shooting is happening. But on my own inter save, the shooting conversion has been really good for my team. You can check out the goal analysis and see how we get most goals.

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