FM21 Kasper Hjulmand 3-4-3 Tactic with Denmark

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Denmark has been, undoubtedly, in form since Kasper Hjulmand took over the managerial seat. They performed excellently well in the Euro 2020 tournament although they experienced a very worrisome incident with Christian Eriksen. Without their key player [Eriksen], the Danish team continued in high spirit. Unfortunately, they were knocked out in the semi-final against England.

After their knockout from the Euro, it still did not stop the Danish team to keep firing. Their admirable performance in the World Cup Qualifiers is a prove. In FM21, my save with the Danish national team was satisfying though we didn’t win the title. We got knocked out in the final. But in this post, I am going to share the 3-4-3 tactic created to reflect Kasper Hjulmand 3-4-3 tactic with Denmark.

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