Eddie Howe Updated 4-3-3 Tactic

Eddie Howe Updated 4-3-3 Tactic with Newcastle United in FM22

In my former post about Eddie Howe’s tactic with Newcastle United, I mentioned that I will recreate that tactic plus the important changes that Howe made in the tactic. From what I noticed in Newcastle’s style of play, Howe has made a few changes to his tactic. Hence, in this post, I will focus on these few changes made in this Eddie Howe updated 4-3-3 tactic.

These changes have made Newcastle more dangerous than before, as they have escaped the relegation zone in the Premier League by a far huge margin – plus they are on the verge of finishing in the top half of the league table. Moreover, even this replicated version of these changes in FM22 is equally fantastic as my team is sitting 7th on the table after 19 matches. With no further information, let’s get into the details of the differences.

Screenshot 2734

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