FM22 Catenaccio 3-4-3 Tactic

My Best Custom FM22 Catenaccio 3-4-3 Tactic with VFL Wolfburg

In my previous articles, I have covered custom tactics like gegenpress, tiki-taka, vertical tiki-taka, fluid counter-attacks, direct counter-attacks, wing-play, route one and park the bus. This time, I will be covering a successful custom FM22 catenaccio 3-4-3 tactic that I made with Wolfburg and this may be my last custom tactic for FM22.

Catenaccio is a defensive tactic, FM22 defined it as “ a defence-focused style that primarily looks to deny the opposition goalscoring opportunities. A libero is traditionally deployed to offer cover behind the defensive line”. As always, you can always try the tactic with your team of yours, so let’s dive into the details.

FM22 Catenaccio 3-4-3 Tactic: Tactical Set-Ups

Build Up

We build up play from the behind. I set this strategy because Wolfburg has good ball-playing defenders. During the build-up, the side centre defenders give the keeper a width inside the box. The central defender and one central midfield form a pivot just outside the box. The wing-backs will push wide at the flanks and are ready to attack.

Screenshot 2651

As we progress with the ball, my team can use the sides of the pitch or the middle to focus play. My team uses more direct passes and sometimes, passes the ball into space. In the creative freedom, I made them more disciplined in their positions.

Screenshot 2621


In the attacking phase, the attacking width is narrow. As we transit to attack, we sometimes waste time with the ball and our ball movements is at lower tempos. My team is equally dangerous on the break, we always transit to counters – our counters are mostly direct counter-attacks.

Screenshot 2622

As we approach the box, I set the team to look for underlap at the left and overlap at the right. We can shoot on sight or cross the ball early to get a goal. Lastly, playing for a set piece is equally effective in the team.


My team defends in a 5-4-1 or 5-2-3 defensive shape. We employ a narrow defensive width to keep opponents outside. When the team lose the ball, my players regroup to form a defensive block in our own half of the field.

Screenshot 2650

For the pressing, I set the trigger press ‘slightly less often’ as a catenaccio tactic requires. We press with a lower line of engagement and lower defensive line. Lastly, we equally engage in the tighter marking of opposition.

Screenshot 2623

Formation Set ups

My Regular Lineup

Screenshot 2716

Other Lineup

Screenshot 2717

Role Selection

Koen Casteels: Casteels is a sweeper keeper on defend duty.

Screenshot 2628


John Brooks and Sebastiaan Bornauw: Brooks and Bornauw are ball-playing defenders on defence duties. They both stay within the defensive line to break up attacks and win the ball. The two are equally good with the ball and can launch defence breaking passes.

Maxence Lacroix: Lacroix is libero on support duties. He offers cover behind the defensive as the tactic definition requires. When he gets the ball, he can progress to the midfield to play through balls to the attacking players.

Screenshot 2630


Jerome Roussillon: Roussillon is an inverted wing-back on attack duty. He will drift inside and create space for players around him. He always moves to the midfield and acts as an attacking midfielder.

Screenshot 2632

Ridle Baku: Baku is a wing-back on support duty. He stays wider during attacks to beat his marker and cross the ball. He equally tracks back to carry out his defensive duties effectively.

Screenshot 2633


Yannick Gerhardt: Gerhardt is a ball-winning midfielder on defence duty. His main duty is to close down opponents and win the ball.

Screenshot 2634

Maximilian Arnold: Arnold is a roaming playmaker. He is the main source of creativity in the team, when he is not performing well, it affects the team very well. When he gets the ball, he drives forward with it to lead the attack and equally tacks back to cover defensively.

Screenshot 2635


Luca Waldschmidt: Luca is a winger on support duty. He hugs the touchline during attacks, looking to run at his marker and crosses the ball.

Screenshot 2636

Felix Nmecha and Dodi Lukebakio: Felix and Dodi are inside forward(support) and inside forward(attack) on the left and right sides respectively. When the team goes for the attack, Felix stays wide while Dodi sits narrow. They both cut inside and run at the defenders to pass or score goals.


Lukas Nmecha: Nmecha is a target forward on support duty. He has the physical advantage to win flick-ons and play simple passes to bring teammates into play. Nmecha does move into scoring channels and has freedom to roam from his position.

Screenshot 2639

Team Mentality

At Home, an attacking mentality works better than other mentality.

On Away, a balanced mentality works best.

Results & Statistics

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Data Hub

Formation Faced

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