FM19 PSG Tactic: Thomas Tuchel’s Back 3 System

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Paris Saint-Germain have been playing really well under Thomas Tuchel.  At the start of the season, the German manager started with a 4-3-3 lineup but later moved to a 3-5-2 setup (though he used 4-4-2 in few matches). The game against Liverpool in UCL group-stage (second leg) brought the very best of Tuchel’s 3-5-2 lineup. The way PSG played in that game was impressive. Therefore, this influenced me to create this FM19 PSG tactic.

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  1. Hey, I previously commented on the Barca tactic and I’ve decided not to use that tactic as I fell Hamburg isn’t go enough for it. I’m considering using this tactic and therefore have 3 questions.
    1) Do you use opposition instructions? I am assuming you don’t as you use zonal marking.
    2) Is the training left to the assistant?
    3) Was this the only tactic used throughout the season, or do you alternate?

    1. Ok. For you’re first question, I don’t usually use opposition instructions. I prefer using specific marking to close down the opposition player i wish to. However, opposition instructions don’t have a permanent setup. You set up opposition instructions depending on the opposition you’re facing. You can take advice from your tactical adviser or assistant manager.

      2) For me personally, i give the assistant manager to handle the general training while i handle the individual training. I noticed that the AI is intelligent enough to handle the general training according to your tactical style.

      3) In this my season with PSG, this is the only tactic i used. I only, sometimes, change roles and mentality. But that’s because it’s PSG. They are a strong team and I only needed to test the strength of this tactic only. I will advise you to have 3 different tactics and use them accordingly. This is why you’re the manager and why the game is very interesting and challenging. You need to make good choices to win games.

  2. another question dont you think the possesion stat should be higher im not sure if its the ME just hates possesion style of play or you actually created the tactic to be like this ?

    1. Lol. Actually, you’re right. The possession stats should be higher for this tactic. In real life, PSG play a possession game. So this tactic was also created to emulate Tuchel’s PSG while using 3-5-2.

      But that’s just why FM19 is not perfect. Getting high possession rate became difficult. Though part of the reasons is; when playing against oppositions with this tactic in FM19, they always like to sit deep and waste time with the ball. So, they get most of the possessions because of that. But when we win the ball back, we go straight to score. That’s why the goal stat is high.

  3. hey do you change the team mentality for home or away games? and do you think its possible to use the same style of play but with a different formation ?

    1. It depends on the status of the opposition you’re facing. Sometimes i use balance or positive while at home. On Away, i usually use balance. But while facing a tough team, i use cautious.

      And Yes, it’s possible to use the same style with different formation.

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