FM22 Jagoba Arrasate 4-2-3-1 Osasuna Tactic

FM22 New Season | FM22 Jagoba Arrasate 4-2-3-1 Osasuna Tactic

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Here’s the FM22 Jagoba Arrasate 4-2-3-1 Osasuna tactic I replicated. Osasuna since they employed Jagoba Arrasate as their head coach back in 2018/2019, he equally won Segunda Division after his first season as the head coach. Since he took over Osasuna, the team has been performing very well in the Laliga table. From 2019-2020 to 2021-2022, Osasuna finished 10th, 11th, and 10th respectively. Moreover, this season, Osasuna is equally spectacular this season as they won 4 out of 6 matches and lost twice.

In this post, I will discuss Jagoba’s 4-2-3-1 tactics this season that equally works in FM22 as my team is 3rd on the table after 18 matches. Therefore, below are the details of the tactic.

FM22 Jagoba Arrasate 4-2-3-1 Osasuna Tactic: Instructions

In Possession

Osasuna usually played from the back, they have good ball-playing defenders who are comfortable with the ball, When they build their play, The ball-playing defenders will spread wide inside the box, and the double centre midfielders will drop close to the box to provide numerical superiority against the opposition first press – when the defenders are under pressure, the goalkeeper takes direct kicks.

Furthermore, Osasuna prefers to play through the middle of the pitch rather than the sides of the field – this is why I selected to play through the middle in FM22. The passing directness of Jagoba’s men is standard – sometimes they go for direct passes or try to maintain possession through shorter passes.

The goalkeeper takes direct kicks when under pressure

As Los Rojillos (Osasuna) approaches the opposition’s box, they look for overlaps at the left side of the field and then underlap at the right side. In the final third, they mostly hit early crosses and can shoot at a distance sometimes.

In Transition

In transition, instead of holding shape during attacks, Los Rojillos love to go for a quick counterattack on the break. The counters are quick at a higher tempo and they can be direct or fluid counterattacks due to the team’s general standard passing directness.

When Osasuna lose the possession while in transition, they can quickly counter-press to win it back or they regroup to their own half to form a defensive wall – which is why I didn’t choose a particular approach for that. Finally, the goalkeeper mostly takes long kicks when he catches the ball.

Out of Possession

In the defensive situation, they will defend in a 4-4-2 shape. They equally defend with a narrow defensive width to force the opponents outside. While Osasuna defend in a 4-4-2 shape, they equally press with a 4-4-2 formation with Ruben Garcia joined by Budimir.

Furthermore, the team presses at a higher pressing intensity with a higher line of engagement and a higher defensive line to support the press. Lastly, Jagoba’s men mostly engage in a zonal marking than a man-to-man tighter marking.

Formation Lineup

Role Selections


The goalkeeper, Sergio Herrera is a sweeper keeper on support duty.


The central defenders, Unai Garcia and David Garcia are ball-playing defenders on defence duties. They are quite good with the ball and can launch diagonally passes to teammates positioned higher up the pitch. They do stay within the defensive line to break up attackers and clear through balls.


On the left side, Juan Cruz is a wing-back on support duty. He will stay wide during attacks, ready to run at his marker to cross the ball. In the defensive situation, he will close down the wingers and block crosses.

On the right side, Nacho Vidal is an inverted wing-back on support duty. He will tuck inside as the team progresses to attack, making underlapping runs while the wingers stay wider to cross or shoot. In defensive situations, Vidal equally closes down the wingers and blocks crosses.


Lucas Torro is a ball-winning midfielder on support duty. He will move up the team’s half to close down opponents, win the ball and gets forward to support the attacks. Sometimes, he will stay behind to help protect the defensive line. Brasanac on the other hand is a box-to-box midfielder. He will equally get forward, arriving late into the opposition box to shoot or assist goals and equally tracks back to defend effectively.


Ruben Garcia is an advanced playmaker on support duty. He has good first touch, vision and ball movement to play killer balls to create changes in the final third. Garcia equally has the freedom to roam side-to-side to connect with the wingers and equally drops to midfield connecting with the two centre midfielders.


Moi Gomez on the left winger is a trequartista. He sits narrower while in transition, cutting inside with the ball. Gomez moves to the attacking midfield position acting as an attacking midfielder and can move to the centre-forward position acting as a second striker.

Avila is a winger on support duty. He will stay wider, hugging the touchline, making runs down the right wing to cross the ball often. Avila doesn’t roam often from his position.


Budimir is a target forward on attack duty. He uses his physicality to disrupt the opposition’s defence, leading the attacking line and opening space for teammates to exploit.

Team Mentality

At home, a positive mentality works sometimes and an attacking mentality can equally in some cases.

On Away, a balanced mentality works best.

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