Vertical Tiki Taka: FM19 Ajax Tactic under Erik ten Hag

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The Dutch manager has built one of the best teams in Ajax’s history. The way he tactically approaches the vertical tiki taka style got my attention. The beautiful football they play influenced me in bringing their style to FM19. Therefore, in this post, am going to share the FM19 Ajax tactic I created. My purpose was to emulate Ten Hag’s total football.

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  1. Hey thanks for the great tactic. Really appreiciate it. I was just wondering if there is anyway where either half back or the regista can pick up more key passes or assist? thanks

  2. ok ok. this tactic works a hell lot better when you move the dm up to two mid, and make them a def playmaker and running mid. just a tip for anybode else who find this hard to work with. Great possesion still.

  3. I’m using this tactic with Chelsea. It works incredible. I’m on my second season. Undefeated in the league and won the group stage in the Champions League. Morata scores in almost every game and has several hat-tricks. Managed to beat both Liverpool and Arsenal with 3-0.

    Thank you!

    The only change I made is that I moved my central midfielders up a little bit, because it fits better with my squad. Instead I use Kante as a running midfielder, trusting him to chase and win the ball back during counters, and Kovacic as a defensive playmaker beside him.

    I do however use this exact formation, including the half back and regista, when I want to play safe and make sure I keep the lead.

  4. Does this tactic still work or is it a way you can upgrade it or even make a new one? Ive tried this many times and it gives u after a while a good possesion game but no goals at all. and i do feel ajax play more with a 433 with a very offensive CM instead of a OM.
    many thanks for this tactic

    1. This tactic still works fine. However, not every team can handle this tactic because it demands high composure, vision, and passing accuracy. About Ajax using 4-3-3, yes they use 4-3-3 on paper. But on the pitch, it changes to 4-2-3-1. Then again, when they are in possession or attacking, the formation changes to a diamond 3-3-1-3. These tactical dynamics are part of the reasons Ajax were a success last season.

        1. Yes, both did roam. But actually, the whole team did that in order to express their creativity. So that’s why Be More Expressive is among the team instructions. You don’t need to start selecting Roam From Position for every player. However, there’s nothing wrong in doing that. You can absolutely do that if you want.

  5. Bro this tactic perfectly well when i use cardiff in my save but problem is i cant have many shot on target even winning possession in the match lol……anyway this is really good tactic. Btw bro can u suggest what kind of player to play half back? Is it someone who play def midfielder like busquet, fernandinho or matic? Cheers

  6. This is a great tactic, 60+ possession consistently and tons of shots and shots on goal. The only problem is that those shots don’t translate to a lot of goals. I score 4+ goals in friendlies but in competitive matches (10 games into the season) the maximum I’ve had is 2. I’m playing as Tottenham and Kane is struggling. Nice work though!

        1. Wow you’re using one the best teams in the game. If I were you, i would be using positive and attacking mentalities. But playing away game against a tough team, i would use balanced. Though you need a solid tactic.

        1. Ok Yes. It’s automatically applied in FM19, only if you don’t use man marking (like using specific marking to mark few opposition players). Just start the match. Also, don’t select “use tighter marking” in the out-of-possession part of the tactic.

    1. Hi Manny. Well it depends. In most cases, i use balanced mentality in both home and away games. But, in some home matches, like against PSV, Man City, Tottenham, Napoli and in Dutch League Cup final, i used positive.

      However, playing away games against these teams i mentioned above, i used balanced. I just decided not to fear them, even though they used positive or attacking mentality. As you can see from the match results, we gave them a big fight.

      No OI for any of them. Setting OI depends on the opponent you’re facing. It doesn’t have a permanent setup. For me, i don’t find OI effective. But you can get advice from your assistant manager or tactical adviser and apply his suggestions.

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